Not so Chaotic Fonrit

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Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 19:17:12 +0200 (CEST)

Very interesting, another civilized chaotic region.
/// Yes. I'm begining to think Civilization, with its wider range of life choices and opportunities, fosters what primitives and barbarians call "chaos". The less developped a society is, the more it brands as chaotic "anything that's not like us".

Vadeli are people of perverted logic, while ompalam worship is depicted as theistic in Men of the Sea...
/// Are vadeli people? Or monsters? They loom large over Pamaltela, they fought and corrupted the artmali and doraddi for millenia. The former, or rather the ruined husks of the former, now worship/propitiate the demon jraktal, whom I think is another name for vadel - spit, may his name be cursed.
Never understimate the corruptive Power of the vadeli.

Peter wrote that a sort of community of Jraktal the Tap existed in the Dawn Age Fonrit....
/// Yes, the Empire of Chir. The World's biggest Empire ever.

/// One thing I'm pretty sure is that Fonritans, or at least their upper class, are EVIL (as in old D&D alignements). They enjoy cruelty for its sake and view all other people, including their lower status brethen, as tools, cattle or pets. They deal with demons, sacrifice human lives, etc. etc. Most of this is the product of the vadeli's corruption of their myths and societies. Garangordos himself was a vadeli tool.

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