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Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2012 09:55:48 +0100

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> But if I was going to write Lunar Magic for RQ6 rather then MRQ2, I'd do it more or less as a mystic tradition according to the Mysticism rules, albeit an unusual one. The two editions of the rules are very similar in many ways, but one major difference is the addition of rules for mysticism, and I think that it can actually work pretty well as the basis for rules for both Nysaloran Illumination and Lunar Mysticism.

IMO - just like all the other Gloranthan cultures, there are certainly Mystics in the Lunar empire, but there are many less you'd think. The vast bulk of the empire follows the standard 3 magical systems of which I include lunar magic. I'd say maybe as as 1000 follow a mystical path. Most of whom will be involved in the eternal contemplation of the moon or some related activity. Look at the Orlanthi mystical centre - Old Wind, there's probably no more than a dozen mystics there.

Lunar magic in RQ3 appeared to work as a form of mysticism, when compared to the current RQ6 mysticism rules. But that is a very outdated view of Lunar magic, the current basis is that covered in the Pavis book.

The RQ6 Mystical system is very complete and will easily provide mystic powers for use in the Lunar empire, but make sure you read the Consequences of Mysticism box at the end and warrior mystics warning. Gloranthan Lunar Mystics should be tied to the cycles of the moon - they're are in for a shock once they leave Silver Shadow.

I can't see that the RQ6 Mystical rules provide any basis for Gloranthan illumination (Draconic or Nysalorian). You needn't be a mystic to be illuminated.


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