Re: Not so Chaotic Fonrit

From: Jeff <richaje_at_...>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2012 05:33:48 -0000

> I'm afraid that I still see this as providing too many opportunities for humanity's darker nature to emerge, regardless of whether or not the insights are being used.

Fonrit is a cruel and oppressive place for the vast majority of the population. Across Fonrit, about 5% of the population are free upper class, about 5% are slave or mercenary soldiers supported by the rulers, and about 20% are half-free, half artisans and merchants, the other half petty landholders. The remaining 70% are slaves. Slaves are ruthlessly taxed and beggared into even worse oppression.

Slaves owned by the Renewed are allowed to marry, potentially buy their freedom, and enjoy limited religious choices. Slaves owned by Oldsters are subject to every whim of their owner, no matter how cruel. "To live is to suffer" is their motto, and they judge themselves by the same implacable standard they apply to their slaves.

Meanwhile the free ruling class plot and conspire against each other, using murder, spies, poison, demons, and so forth.


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