Clan Questionnaire for Monrogh Clans

From: illuminate33 <inarsus-ferilt_at_O40KUrBJuPrHc_bET5Ey6Sm59_7W6_ymL5XgW-HktvqZKnJWXAja1Oc5QXIps>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2012 09:43:21 -0000


Currently trying to make a clan which converted to Yelmalions with the teaching of Monrogh...with Sartar Questionnaire.

Of course, such option cannot be found in published materials, we must just make up additions during the Tarkalor War, and we chose trolls as the cultural enemy.

I'm not sure Monrogh Yelmalions completely lost their contact with ancestors, or how we should select the surviving story.

Any ideas?


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