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Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2012 10:46:37 +0000

There are about five useful illustrations available that help visualise the bat.

The full description of the Crimson Bat is found in the Sartar Companion. There's six pages of info including three illustrations to help you picture it. The traditional Bat plate in the Seven Steps of the Goddess is in the Pavis book, but is very stylised.

The cover of Under the Red Moon has another stylised illustration in colour and another on page 54. The text has been superseded by the Sartar Companion (as with most of the contents). Cheap on Drivethrough,

My personal favourite is a tiny fragment of the goddess and the bat behind King Kangharl in the Sartar book page 299, which appears to be similar to the Under the Red Moon version

The six page RQ2 Cult write up is still available in The Cult Compendium:, the art is reproduced in the Sartar Companion, as before, the text has been superseded by the Sartar Companion.

On 29 Oct 2012, at 14:16, varma_many_truths <ahitaylor_at_...> wrote:

> Hi
> Can anyone help with following
> Chaotic eyes - are the everywhere or just on the head?
> Tentacles around the mouth - any particular sort
> Other chaotic features that are physically manifested - are there any?
> Riders, do they use saddles, tied "raft", howdah, bareback or what?
> What colour is it- is it actually crimson or is it another colour but gives off a crimson glow ?


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