Re: Guide to Glorantha update on the Moon Design Website

From: Rick <rmeints_at_...>
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2012 19:57:24 -0000

Andrew Larsen <aelarsen_at_...> wrote:
> Will the Guide have any cult write-ups? Or will it be limited to history, geography and culture?

We're discussing this sort of thing over on our website, so more complete information can be found there via the discussion topic link on the page.

The short answer to cult write-ups being in the guide is "no". That would require another 400+ pages, and is very rules system dependent. The Guide is written from a systemless perspective. It covers geography, cultures, demographics, history, politics, pre-dawn stuff, and so on. It covers the whole world with dozens of maps and pictures.

PS: We are working on an exhaustive "Gods of Glorantha" type book as well, but that's a separate project for 2013...            

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