Re: Guide to Glorantha update on the Moon Design Website

From: Lawrence Whitaker <lawrence.whitaker_at_...>
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 10:50:29 -0400

At the Moon Design/Design Mechanism Summit, held in Ann Arbor MI, last weekend, I was given an extensive tour of the Guide to Glorantha and can say that its Epic Awesome factor is on the Nigel Tufnell 'These go to 11' scale. The maps are stunning, the content is rich and extensive, and soooo many questions that people have raised over the years will be answered (plus a whole raft more, raised, I'm guessing).

We also discussed RQ Gloranthan releases and have firm plans and directions now in train, that we look forward progessing during 2013/14.

As Rick mentioned, a 'Gods of Glorantha' book will need to be a separate project - if its to be as comprehensive as the Guide - but I can confirm that Design Mechanism will include a fair selection of cults in 'RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha', which will be the foundation book for using RQ on the lozenge. RQ:AiG will be followed by RQ:We're Not Telling You Yet, a setting and campaign book focused on a particular region in Glorantha. Both RQ:AiG and RQ:WNTYY will be designed with both newcomers and old hands in mind, conform canonically with the Guide and also with the new Gods book.

Lots to look forward to.

On 02/11/2012, Vaughan Cockell <vcockell_at_...> wrote:
> Re the Guide to Glorantha and the planned "Gods of Glorantha", please,
> please, please make the spine colours a certain shade of orange and deep red
> respectively. Just for nostalgic reasons for those of us who have/had the
> classic Avalon Hill boxes? Please? :-)
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Will there be time enough and World for me to sing that song?


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