Re: Clan Questionnaire for Monrogh Clans

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Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2012 16:47:10 -0000


After I read the articles about Yelmalio in Wyrms Footnotes #15, I imagine several scenes how Sartarite clan members left their Orlanthi heritage during Tarkalor's reign.

Probably some of these below are unofficial idea only tolerated as in the sense of YGMV.

1)Crush the ancestor shrine and place the statue of Antesmia in the place. Similarity to the image of Palangio Iron Vrok crushing Prince Iridwin, probably men (who left the former own clan) completely hostile toward the former kin.

2)Convert former clan members at sword's point. Probably the method of Harvar Ironfist, he might drive off the agent of reprisal, and forced the members to convert to the light of Daysenerus. Hostile toward the former kin as 1)

3)Ancestor Kuschei was not actually a son of Elmal, but a son of Yelmalio. Probably Elmali clan members suddenly begin to believe that their ancestors could not see the true face of Elmal. Some of ancestors agree that they are right, but still other ancestors call them traitors.

4)Humakti style separation.
By the grant of King Tarkalor, Yelmalions are separated but "resheathed" because the Great King told them so. Still the former clan members trust "Yelmalion"s as Orlanth trusted Humakt.

5)Style of Clan split
Same as the common split of Orlanthi clans as occurred by the different reasons, but the one of the split clans completely abandons Storm worship.

6)Aberrant style of worship
For them, Yelmalio is another aspect of Hearthguard Elmal. Probably similar to Sazdorf clan left the worship of Zorak Zoran and began to worship Humakt...

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