Re: Guide to Glorantha update on the Moon Design Website

From: Zachary Kline <zkline_at_...>
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 10:09:45 -0700

Can you give any release estimates for Adventures in Glorantha? That is one book I've been wondering about for a while too, since I bought RQ6 but here that conversion is a little bit fiddly from older editions. Thanks,
On Nov 2, 2012, at 10:00 AM, Lawrence Whitaker <lawrence.whitaker_at_...> wrote:

> > but I can confirm that Design Mechanism will include a fair selection of
> > cults in 'RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha', which will be the
> > foundation book for using RQ on the lozenge.
> > /// And, praytell, what'll be in that book ? Which adventures are we talking
> > about ?
> It'll be the rules and background necessary for using RQ for 3rd Age
> adventuring. Not necessarily scenarios, but all the tools for
> adventurers...
> >
> > RQ:AiG will be followed by RQ:We're Not Telling You Yet, a setting and
> > campaign book focused on a particular region in Glorantha.
> > /// You teaser you. Can you at least say if it's NOT in Sartar ? (I hope
> > so).
> I can. Its not in Sartar.

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