Re: Praxian tribal campaign

From: Andrew Larsen <aelarsen_at_...>
Date: Mon Nov 05 14:14:22 2012

I think Pomeroi's point was that cattle raiding is less sporting and more deadly serious for Praxians than for Sartarites. The general scarcity of resources would seem to make the lost of a few cows a serious problem for a Praxian clan.

Andrew E. Larsen
On Nov 5, 2012, at 3:37 PM, John Biles wrote:

> If the Praxians parallel Native American plains cultures, then
> 'cattle' raiding would actually be fairly ubiquitous. A crucial part
> of moving from a flunky of elders to being your own man was building
> up a herd of horses, stolen from settlers / other tribes/clans/etc.
> It is basically the only way to not just be someone's flunky until you
> die, unless you have a 'rich' father who sets you up.
> Now, this is complicated by the fact that you can't make full use of
> anything other than your tribe's totem animal. You can eat it but
> it's not a mount animal for you.
> Something I could see would be a kind of 'prisoner exchange' by the
> young men of different tribes every so often, who would trade animals
> they couldn't make 100% use of for their totem animals. This would
> enable them to build up their own herd while raiding outside their
> tribe so it doesn't disintegrate.
> They'd also steal animals from non-Praxians and eat/trade those as well.

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