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> 1) Young batchelors form their own war bands and raid other clans to
> get animals to give to the women they are trying to court.
> 2) Only the danger of a counter-raid slows them down from doing this
> 3) Raiding by tribes against each other is a constant threat.

In my Wastelands campaign, it is much better to eat the herd beasts of others than your own. The more (of your) beasts you own, the "richer" you are (magically and physically), the harder it is to keep your herd protected, you become a better raid target and so on. This is a major part of nomad ecology.

Young men have to prove themselves and what better way than raiding other tribes for their animals, it brings in food and bride price, and keeps violence directed out of the social unit. Your future mother-in-law is happy as she's got meat for the family. Your standing rises in the clan as you are doing the right thing, and you are preparing to become a khan. As a khan, Waha even rewards you for doing this: "Rune Lords who capture ten each of the herd beasts of the other four tribes will receive a blessing from their god. This takes the form of a Protection spell permanently cast upon their favorite riding animal." CoP p25 or the Cult Companion.


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