About Lunars in Free Sartar

From: oomizuaovenrashorana <oomizuaovenrashorana_at_...>
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2012 05:20:56 -0000

After the successful Sartar Rising,
what will happen to lunars and their sympathizers in Dragon Pass? In the timetable of lunar empire, massare of lunars in Pavis is mentioned. So, this kind of ethnic/religion cleansing movement will be prevalent? Or as the alliance with Fazzurites suggests, more torelant and/or cooperative relationship between Orlanthi and Lunars will be the norm? Considering Orlanth himself's hate toward Chaos and Red Goddess, genocide of lunars seems to be quite likely happen. But on the other hand,
Orlanthi virtues surely prevent too cruel reaction against them, I guess. Argrath the player character will be the decisive factor for Sartarites attitude, parhapse? Would you mind kindly showing me any idea?            

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