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> Question:
> After the successful Sartar Rising,
> what will happen to lunars and their sympathizers in Dragon Pass?

Lots of different outcomes. Heavily lunarized Sartarites will end up as dragon snack, e.g. Blackmor of the Colymar. Flexible sympathizers like the Balmyr will support Kallyr.

I'm curious about Wulfsland. While formed from veteran south Pelorian peltasts and their enthralled Maboder wives, I expect that their role as werewolf fighters will have earned them grudging respect from their neighbours. Not sure how much the Culbrea will swing against them, after all they are involved in Kallyr's campaign. The Dinacoli across the Creek are lunarized to some degree as well and might try to keep their allegiance to the Sartarite throne mostly political while keeping ties with Wulfsland.

Later on, the lunar but rebellious Fazzurites join the Sartarites against the Tarshite dynasty and imperial retributions.

> In the timetable of lunar empire, massare of lunars in Pavis is mentioned.
> So, this kind of ethnic/religion cleansing movement will be prevalent?

It all boils down to local sentiments and ressentiments. I don't see much future for the Crescent Manor in Colymar lands, and several of the harder bitten tribes due to occupation demands like the Aranwyth will shake off any lunar veneer as fast as they can.

The Enstalos tribe probably lost enough people to the dragonrise that it disbanded.

The Sylangi, Bacofi and Curtali will follow Broyan, possibly after some outlawing of the more rabid lunars in case of the Bacofi.

> Or as the alliance with Fazzurites suggests, more torelant and/or
cooperative relationship between Orlanthi and Lunars will be the norm?

In most clans, only a tiny minority will have gone all the way to the Lunars (as in 7 Mothers or specialist Lunar cults). Those who changed to Doburdon find themselves as worshippers of Orlanth Thunderous after the Culbrea quest, and can carry on.

> Considering Orlanth himself's hate toward Chaos and Red Goddess,
genocide of lunars seems to be quite likely happen.
> But on the other hand, Orlanthi virtues surely prevent too cruel
reaction against them, I guess.

There is a strong probibition against genocide if it is your own kin. Even after outlawing lunarized kin, it is bad luck to have your own clan kill them.

> Argrath the player character will be the decisive factor for Sartarites
attitude, parhapse?

Yes, all the Argrath player characters will help define this attitude, as will clan level decisions. I don't see any decree by Kallyr or the Sword Hill Argrath to outlaw all Lunars within the clans (unlike the Lunar decree to outlaw Orlanth worship). Probably because such high-and-mighty decree is known to antagonize their hillfolk.

On the other hand, at least one Argrath employs assassins that might take care of prominent Lunar clansfolk.

Clan level shrines or temples to the Lunars will be defaced or destroyed except maybe in Wulfsland and Dinacoli lands. The Dinacoli might silently turn over to Yelmalio.

This cleansing on clan level will only affect the Sartarite and Volsaxi clans. The Old Tarsh tribes didn't tolerate lunarisation.

Lunar Tarsh will be a tough nut to crack. Leaving it to Mularik Ironeye actually frees Argrath from dealing with the problem of Lunar cults there. The resistance against Mularik manages to keep the rift between traditionalist and lunarized Tarshites small.

The Grazers have managed to keep themselves and their Vendref free from Lunar indoctrination by providing eager mercenaries, so they don't have a problem.

> Would you mind kindly showing me any idea?

I'd go with all levels from formal acknowledgement of Wulfsland to nigh-kinslaying episodes in clans with deep rifts, some of the new leaders promoting rabid persecution while others could be promoting alliances.            

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