Re: About Lunars in Free Sartar

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Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2012 15:00:33 -0000

Orlanthi may look down upon people who worship some goat god, but if they are stalwart fighters, help fight chaos, don't steal too many of your cattle, and are willing to trade....well how many lives would it take to drive them out of that valley?

I imagine that any places of worship to the Red Moon would be destroyed, that much the rebels would insist on. I'd guess most of the shrines to the Seven Mothers would also disappear, but in places where that cult has become popular again there is the issue of 'if they behave themselves, do we need to spend the lives and magic it would take to force them out?' I suspect that most other specifically lunar cults would have had most of their shrines associated with either Red Goddess or Seven Mothers shrines, and would follow their fates (or they were mobile shrines associated with military units and the like, that will leave with the regiments). Which means that followers of non-red-goddess lunar cults may have few to no places of worship left.

But then you get the more subtle things, like places where the Ernalda worship adopted the red woman rites (if I remember the name correctly). IIRC that enabled them to grow mais (corn), which some may not want to give up. And after all, it is still Ernalda.... some will gladly give up those rites, but I'm sure some temples will keep to them, and their people may be all the more prosperous for it. And people who moved from direct worship of Orlanth to cults like Barntar may not all move back, and in the more heavily lunarized areas those cults may really have removed a lot of the Orlanthi aspects from their worship, leading to differing worship in different areas.

Within a few years of the dragon rise I expect that there would be next to no worshippers of the Red Goddess left, but there will still be lots of people who came in with the lunars or who adopted some of their ways or who de-Orlanthi-ized their ways, who will still be around.            

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