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> Will we have an official answer about this question in the Guide to Glorantha which is incoming ?

Be aware that Glorantha is now mapped to a level not done before. What were coarse features have now become refined. Some mapping artefacts have disappeared completely. I'm looking at the new map which is IIRC 9 feet wide if printed. I'm not sure what you are using? I liken it to the face of Jesus that was found on Mars, then when a better camera was pointed at it - it vanished:

> And new informations about Fronela ?

The Fronela section is 28 pages long. That's excluding maps and art. There's new information in there.

The Kickstarter starts on Sunday - all this can be ion your screen when it's over.

> > > Mountains at the north end of Nevs - tempted to go with North Nevs.
> > > Mountains at the south end of Nevs - tempted to use Valspar

The mountains running south-west to north east, to the north of Nevs are the Nev mountains.

> > > Mountains next to the Black Forest - tempted by Horn Mountains

to the West of the Black Forest are hills (not mountains) and are not named on the map

> > > Mountains next to Karstall - no ideas here.
probably the Junora and tarsel hills

> > > Mountain range in Charg - is this the Sullen Hills?

Charg hills, also Bleakland


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