Re: Zzabur and the Great Compromise

From: babeldemeter3 <babeldemeter3_at_...>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 17:29:12 -0000

> > I think good way of thinking about it is that Zzabur sees the
> > Great Compromise as a return to the gods being bound by Law/the
> > will of the Creator, which is what Zzabur wanted all along.

So Zzabur made a compromise with the pagan gods in return of submission ?

> > /// I fully agree. Zzabur IS the Law. He made what pagans call the
> > compromise, by kicking lost eransachula ass and getting them to
> > behave properly. Pardon the profanity.

> Sudden vision of Zzabur riding an impossibly fat wheeled
> motorbike...

Zzabur as Judge Dredd ? Nice idea ! ^^            

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