Re: About Lunars in Free Sartar

From: Christopher <kaiu.keiichi_at_...>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 16:07:56 -0000

Well, remember that converting to the Lunar Way is a big, big deal. One of the difficulties in converting native Sartarites for Lunar missionaries would be that converting to the Lunar Way would mean turning one's back on their ancestors, who are orlanthi ancestors who reside in an orlanthi afterlife (Havan Vor.)

Those individuals and clans would be faced with a harsh choice. Either they recant being Lunars and attempt to make peace with their ancestors (or, in the case of 2nd or 3rd generation Sartarite Lunars, convert to Storm Tribe worship and withstand spirits of reprisal) or retreat north to areas of the Empire that are culturally Orlanthi but religiously Lunar, such as Saird, Sylila or Holay. There, they can maintain their customs and enjoy the protection of the Empire.

Lunar converts, being now effectively outside the Storm Tribe way of life, would be treated as Enemies and Foreigners, especially if they had abandoned or somehow converted their ancestors and wyters to the Lunar Way. This is similar to what the settlers who went past the Deathlines had to deal with when the Pharaoh conquered the Holy Country at the beginning of the 3rd age.

There'd certainly be reprisals against collaborators as Lunar worship is scoured from the land. I'd imagine that Lunar worship in Sartar is even more shallow than it was in Tarsh, which flipped for Argrath. I'd imagine that the general pattern would be recanting the Lunar War or retreat behind the Glowline and behind the Lunar armies. On the flip side, I'd imagine that there's be more interest in keeping the nation unified during wartime than engaged in pogroms, with Lunarised Orlanthi being welcomed back into the Storm Tribe religion if the Red Goddess was recanted against, with the excuse "we were coerced!" truly faithful Lunar Sartarites wouldn't stay in Sartar - they bet wrong, and lost.            

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