Re: About Lunars in Free Sartar

From: drscience3000 <dr.dave.00_at_FZ4edUXT1HeK1flUvneN8qylkRgT3sTDaGJse-aZjUYUK9tTiynae8I0Fw-Uv6rR0>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2012 06:31:12 -0000

> There'd certainly be reprisals against collaborators as Lunar
>worship is scoured from the land. I'd imagine that Lunar worship in
>Sartar is even more shallow than it was in Tarsh, which flipped for
>Argrath. I'd imagine that the general pattern would be recanting the
>Lunar War or retreat behind the Glowline and behind the Lunar armies.

Well, we didn't see Lunar influence as being shallow in Tarsh. It wasn't conquered and Honeel birthed the next Tarsh king over a century ago. In our setting, Orlanthi occupation of Tarsh is much like Lunar occupation of Sartar, being held mostly by force over a sullen population. But I agree that Lunar influence in Sarter was shallow.

> On the flip side, I'd imagine that there's be more interest in
>keeping the nation unified during wartime than engaged in pogroms,
>with Lunarised Orlanthi being welcomed back into the Storm Tribe
>religion if the Red Goddess was recanted against, with the excuse
>"we were coerced!" truly faithful Lunar Sartarites wouldn't stay in
>Sartar - they bet wrong, and lost.

I'm not sure war is so immediate. The Lunars are routed of the moment?            

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