Kickstart Glorantha

From: Jeff <richaje_at_...>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2012 14:17:42 -0000

Day Six of our Kickstart Glorantha campaign, and we've already raised $87K. This really is the book for any fan on this list, so if you haven't pledged yet - what are you waiting for?

Lots of interest reward levels are available. Map packages, copies of Greg's original maps, a few limited copies of the greGarth Atlas, and much more. Another is the opportunity to make sure you favorite bit of Glorantha gets illustrated and depicted in the Guide! Want to make sure there is an illustration of duck (currently there is none in the book), or Beast People, or the Iron Forts, or the Crater looming high above Glamour with the Silver Bridge rising to the top, or of the Shadows Dance in Dagori Inkarth, or the Block, or or or....

Now's your chance!

Also check out the interviews with Greg Stafford. THere are more interviews to come with other gaming celebrities, so keep checking out the Kickstart page!            

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