About the Battle of Night and Day

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I tried to translate an article of Wyrm's Footnotes #15: "Battle of Night and Day"... This text of the article is available at http://moondesignpublications.com/page/battle-night-and-day

I recklessly faced the writings of Greg Stafford with my weak english ability... w)

Below is several questions and comments during the effort above. (Page numbers are from WF #15)

Page 65
>from the south east were the javelineers

I think the above is wrong, because "Tarsosian Javelineers" are from Suvaria (the ancient land name which is historically same as Darjiin) which is located to the southwest of Dara Happa. Southeast is Zarkos.

Below parts are difficult to translate:

Page 65
>drizzling ann night

Probably the sentence means that it drizzled whole night just before the battle. I assume "ann" is a typo.

Page 66, about the High King Garindath
>in his sword howled a hundred men

I assumed that is a poetic description that the High King swings his sword, it sounds like a hundred men howling.

Page 66, about the High King Garindath
>For personal service, a gale bore each boot
I am not sure about the meaning of this sentence. "boot" might be the boots which the soldiers put on their feet.

Below are my comments after the effort.

1)Spelling variations of Gloranthan deities and things. Probably Greg's spelling variations are intentional, what is the "right" spelling of "Orgovaltes", or "Vestkarthen"?

(In the handdrawn map of Greg, the tribe's spelling is "Orgolvantes", while in the Sartar Questionnaire, "Ogorvaltes")

2)Unknown locations and events in Greg's handdrawn map.

        What is the New Dawn Rebellion?

3)What's wrong about Lokamayadon?
Franky speaking, I began to like the character of Lokamayadon.

He is certainly faithful to his subjects. He is an ambitious man, but ambition is not evil for Orlanthi.

He betrayed Orlanth, but it seems that his people began to worship Orlanth after the Dawn, and he might be more faithful to his ancestral worship of his land deities like Hagodereth than the imported god.

What made him his downfall aside from the ill luck?            

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