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This brings up an interesting question. What were the other Lost Tribes of Prax? We know their names: Nose-Horn, Long-Nose, Plains Elk, and Loper. But what are those? The Plains Elk are obvious. The Nose-Horns sound like rhinoceros, but those already exist. Are the Long-Noses elephants? Somehow that doesn't sound right to me--I have a hard time thinking of elephants in Prax for some reason. And Lopers? Kangaroos would fit the jumping quality implied in the name, but it does sound a little bit silly. Dik-diks?

        I'm interested because I'm thinking of having my Praxian campaign revive one of the Lost Tribes. The Eiritha character does a quest to give birth to the Herd Mother while the Waha character does the quest to recover the missing Herd Mother. So I want to figure out options.

Andrew E. Larsen
On Nov 25, 2012, at 2:22 AM, Trotsky wrote:

> Nick Eden wrote:
> >
> > The Kangaroo Riders are one of the lost tribes of Prax. Like the Impala
> > Tribe they were pygmies and traveled in the pouches of their giant red
> > kangaroo mounts.
> >
> > At least I think that was the conclusion when this came up onboard the he
> > digest years ago.
> >
> IIRC, that was intended as a joke, rather than a serious suggestion. But
> YGWV, and all that, and it's not like we haven't got humorous stuff in
> Glorantha already :)
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