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michaelL wrote:
> I know YGWV and all that, but how prevalent is magic in Glorantha? I'm
> reading Thunder Rebels at the moment and hoping to run a campaign in
> Glorantha in the near future based in Sartar. I'm probably not going
> to use HQ rules. I've heard that Glorantha is a higher magic setting
> than like Harn.

Almost everywhere is a higher magic setting than Harn :) But, yeah, magic is very widely prevalent in Glorantha, and, in fact, all adults can do at least some.

> I've heard that Heortlings can fly on the battle field and shoot
> lighting bolts. I'm assuming that everyone cannot do such magical feats.

No, not everyone's quite that effective - it really depends what they've specialised in.

> What can a common Carl do, if anything with magic?

If we're talking a standard farmer, then most of his magic will be farming magic. Since you've got Thunder Rebels, check out Allfather (p. 230), Durev (p. 232), and Orlanthcarl (p. 235) for a list of standard masculine farmer magic. Being a fairly aggressive society, though, it's worth noting that quite a few farmers will have at least some basic fighting magic, and there's a lot of people who are hunters, weaponthanes, or whatever, even before we take account of healers, god-talkers, and others who really focus on magic.

> And if they can do some magic, is it obvious that the feat was done by
> magic?

Yes, apparently it is. Unless it's concealment magic, of course. Exactly how obvious it is will be matter of taste, though.

> Where does this magic energy come from? I'm assuming the gods.

In the case of Orlanthi magic, yes, that's where most of it comes from. The powerful stuff, anyway. You perform your sacrifices regularly, and the gods give you magical power.

> But does some come from their ancestors? Would each have some magical
> reserve?

Yes, some of is from ancestors, or from local entities of various kinds. Maybe there's a magical daimone inhabiting the prominent rock at the edge of the farm, or the special well that's nearby. You can get magic from them - not much, because they're small, but a little. And people do have some magic within them naturally, so there's always the odd little talent here and there that some people have.

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