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> I know YGWV and all that, but how prevalent is magic in Glorantha? I'm reading Thunder Rebels at the moment and hoping to run a campaign in Glorantha in the near future based in Sartar. I'm probably not going to use HQ rules. I've heard that Glorantha is a higher magic setting than like Harn. I've heard that Heortlings can fly on the battle field and shoot lighting bolts. I'm assuming that everyone cannot do such magical feats.
> What can a common Carl do, if anything with magic?
> And if they can do some magic, is it obvious that the feat was done by magic?
> Where does this magic energy come from? I'm assuming the gods. But does some come from their ancestors? Would each have some magical reserve?

Hello Michael,

Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes has everything you'd need to know for running a campaign in Sartar, especially for new GMs. That is the specific purpose of the book, with loads of scenarios, encounters, cults; basically everything needed for play. While it is Heroquest rules oriented, Sartar: KoH is very rules light, probably more so than TR is.

We have a number of free downloadable pdfs of support material for it on our website:

Hope that helps,            

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