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Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 03:59:13 -0000

> He betrayed Orlanth, but it seems that his people began to worship Orlanth after the Dawn, and he might be more faithful to his ancestral worship of his land deities like Hagodereth than the imported god.
> /// Did he really betray orlanth ? Or did the other side did?

In my opinion (as a person who is illuminated or occluded :-)), I think both are true and wrong.

Below is public Greg's other writings about the roots of Lokamayadon.

(I know some of you have limited access to Harmast's Saga through "Friends of Glorantha". I don't have the right.)  

The Missionaries

Rule One Magazine Issue#3

> What made him his downfall aside from the ill luck?
> /// The other guys won, and have been desecrating his name ever since.

I think all Heroes have a flaw which bring their downfall.            

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