Re: How prevalent is magic?

From: Phil Hibbs <snarks_at_...>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 09:39:36 +0000

>Oh...ok. So it's not just plowing and planting and reaping. It's doing
things more
>heroic. Like taming a wild bull or making friends with alynx and killing
>I'm assuming that not everyone who worships Barntar does these things.

Not all Barntar worshipeprs go out hunting Aldryami, but pulling up weeds is a re-enactment of Barntar's fight against the Aldryami. And when the Redthorn takes root in a remote tula, that really productive Barntar devotee has to undertake a dangerous journey to go and help remove it, and his own fields will not be as well tended.



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