Re: How prevalent is magic?

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Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 19:45:29 +0100 (CET)

Oh...ok. So it's not just plowing and planting and reaping. It's doing things more heroic. Like taming a wild bull or making friends with alynx and killing Aldryami. I'm assuming that not everyone who worships Barntar does these things. /// Depends. You have two big types of campaigns to choose from : PCs looking for trouble or trouble finding PCs. The honest carl can face problems that recquire drastic, heroic, adventurous actions. He'll be best at facing them by drawing on his God's strenght and knowledge (myths). Also don't forget his wife, Mahome of the Good Fires I think. How did they meet ? How did he woo her ? Getting a wife makes very good adventuring.

Many clans have different secrets from Bartnar. I've never heard of Bear Hunting myths outside of the Far Place, for instance. And many barntari will never see an aldryami in their lives. But if they go Questing, or even stumble on the Other Side, they might face ANY Barntar myth. Including some they never heard about are not prepared for.

Food for thought : the more he acts like Barntar, the more chances he'll die at Vadrus' hands (killed by bandits or outlaws).

Fun for thought : Barntar was often tempted by Grape Woman (he does enjoy wine, and the, hem, intimate company of Grape Woman) and Honey Bee Girl (even more dangerous). Put such temptations in front of the Devotee and he'll have a hard time resisting, because He/His God succumbed to them. And, if he made it alive, had some serious explaining to give to his wife the next day.

The book talks about initiate level and devotee levels of worship. What would a devotee of Barntar do?

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