Re: Penguins in Glorantha

From: jorganos <joe_at_...>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2012 11:49:18 -0000

> Arctic wildlife on the north west coast, antarctic on the south west, would be a possible rule of thumb?

Species like the arctic tern traveling from cold zone to cold zone are unlikely in Glorantha. Slon (west of Pamaltela) gets temperate clime, quickly warming towards Pamaltela. The slorifing fens are already unpleasantly hot, all thanks to the sky spill into the southern Nargan.

A distant southwest (as far as the Gates of Dusk) may sport colder climate, but IMO the coldest part of Glorantha is on the northwestern edge of Genertela.

Arctic flying birds might migrate seasonally around this cold area avoiding the worst of the Orlanth hurricanes.

The far northeastern coasts of North Pent and beyond might sport penguins, as might far northern East Isles. That area definitely is coldwater seal territory lacking polar bears, so most of the antarctic conditions are already met. The far northeast also is ancient bird territory (although some of that may be just Dara Happan extrapolation from old Rinliddi), another favourable indicator for flightless marine birds without touching the keet topic.

Otherwise, just like the local storm of Veldru counteracts the effects of the Orlanth storm in the East Isles, other local sources of cold might trump the trend set by Togaro and the Sea of Fire. I doubt whether such an effect would be enough to have huge glaciers calving icebergs or vast regions of shelf ice. Extreme northeastern Genertela does have such conditions, also towards the outside (Sramak's River) which arrives there with comparably warm water.

Does anybody have ideas for other sources of extreme cold? Connections to some underworld come to my mind, but the underworld need not be cold everywhere, as Lodril proves.            

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