Re: How to introduce Dragonewts

From: Pomeroi <pomeroi_at_...>
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2012 20:06:03 +0100

On 30.11.2012 12:06, jorganos wrote:
> I wrote a German language RuneQuest scenario set in Malani lands on the Creek and beyond (towards Dragon's Eye) for the German RQ magazine Free INT many years ago which had a cattle raid turn into a possession by dragonewt spirits strangeness, slowly leading the characters (assumed to be guests of the Malani clan the Berlin group of Gloranthaphiles had published, also in German) into dragonewt lands and facing dragonewt strangeness. I don't quite remember whether this scenario was translated in some issue of Tradetalk (and am away from my collection right noe).

I read this one, whether in Free Int or Tradetalk (or could it be even in RQ Adventures?)
I never played it, but it surely gives good ideas.

There is another scenario, ("Happiness is Dragonewt Shaped", in HiG2 ). This has only one single NPC Dragonewt, but as a GM you can scare the shit out of your newbie players, even though he was in no way hostile, just by being weird, letting them wait by not being allowed to be interrupted while in dream song, and such... describe this in long and wide! In my game, even before meeting him the PCs were already afraid to raise the anger of the DNs, having to "confess" a sacrilege (read the adventure). Play this NPC in a way the PCs must think he is invincible to them, without the need to threaten or even "raise the voice" (whatever this means by someone not talking human language and being translated by an emotionless lisping (of course!) DN scout). In the end the PCs did not even know whether they have been forgiven by fixing the wrong. There was no perceptible "emotion" hearing both.

Without having planned this, this adventure defined a lot how I do npc DN to my players since.            

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