Re: Gloranthan Voices

From: nick_at_etyries <Nick_at_...>
Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2012 10:17:42 -0000

Jeff, this is really excellent news - and if you'd like any support working out the next iteration, please let me know. While I'm pleased with the Issaries version, I'm sure that material could be presented in an even more user- (and gamer-) friendly way, with just a bit of thought. (For example, by adding some RUNES!). I can likely dig out the original Word files from the last revision, if they'd be helpful).

As well as revising the Seshnelan and Esvulari Voices (to reflect the new non-mediaeval take on the West), we'll definitely need the two Fonritian Voices (Father & Priest) to complete the set of eight major cultures detailed in the Guide. And I think it'd make sense to do Loskalmi as well as Seshnegi - they have very different takes on the core Western philosophy.

Cheers, Nick

> I agree - I LOVE HeroQuest Voices. My only caveat to what Charles
> said above is that the Seshnelan section will be getting a pretty
> substantial overhaul to get it in line with the Guide.

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