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Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2012 08:02:03 +0000

zonork wrote:
> The Vadelis are divided into three castes: the Vadelis brown, red and blue
> Vadel but himself? would not that how Vadelis represent and
> imagine.
> Perhaps it is blue because it is they who lead.

The yellow Vadeli were the original ruling caste, but they died out before the Dawn, leaving the blues to take up the slack. So if he is a caste colour (and I think he probably is), IMO, it's going to be yellow.

> (Rest namely
> why he made &#8203;&#8203;this choice, it was that it was restructuring as
> logic to assign this function with that of the deleted
> communication and therefore Tatars? himself or was he a Brithini Zzaburi
> rebel who wanted power?)

Once the yellows had gone, the blues were the next best option. At least IMG, the Futurists had the same problem, and were forced into the same solution.

> Maybe tricolor Triple Vadel, Vadeli The Complete and Perfect, the only one
> able to dominate the three castes because it is the first in the three
> castes and
> combines the qualities of each of them

If he does combine the other castes (which I'm far from convinced of, though it's not impossible), I think he'd be white. As in the white of dead bone, not Caucasian-coloured. Or possibly a dead, inky black.

> (the manner of Perfectis but
> if there is a link that would be the Perfectis who have imitated Vadelis)

I don't see any connection between Perfecti and Vadeli, to be honest. Sure, the Perfecti transcend the castes, but they're imitating Malkion and Hrestol in that, not Vadel - regardless of what everyone else in the West says.


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