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> I seem to recall Jeff mentioning the Guide to Glorantha does detail future
> events in the Hero Wars?

I was looking forward to this too, but looking at the draft it seems that we have mostly the same events shown previously in 'Genertela, Crucible of the Hero Wars', 'Missing Lands' and 'The Hero Wars Campaign' . There are a few new events and prophecies, but not much huge and earth-shaking (although glacier shaking may be a different matter). The info is spread out throughout the book and there is no timeline. Some of it takes the form of "If these things happen, then that will happen." which is cool, but doesn't lend itself to the making of a timeline.

> Is there a plan to include say a rough chronology of major events up to
> 1640?

Maybe. The book indicates that the HW will be detailed in future supplements. I was working on a timeline last year and was advised to wait until after the GtoG was published. Maybe MD has a plan in this area?

> For me one of the current frustrations of Glorantha is we don't have much
> idea of what happens after the world starts to change in 1621 -25? Or is
> that intentional? If not it would make a cool 200k Stretch Goal?

I think it would be a great stretch goal, maybe for a supplemental PDF?

-Kevin McD

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