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> I seem to recall Jeff mentioning the Guide to Glorantha does detail future events in the Hero Wars? Is there a plan to include say a rough chronology of major events up to 1640? For me one of the current frustrations of Glorantha is we don't have much idea of what happens after the world starts to change in 1621 -25? Or is that intentional? If not it would make a cool 200k Stretch Goal?

The future of Glorantha is complicated for me. Ultimately as a narrator I'm going to have to destroy the world. Flood, fire, chaos, etc. will all come to the forefront and destroy most of what I enjoy about the world. A new world will be born and I've no idea how to do it.

Fixing the metaplots of Glorantha into stone doesn't seem like a good idea to me as it just produces a roller-coaster to doom. A few other game backgrounds have given me a glimpse of how I'd like to see it work:

Traveller had a great hex board game called Fifth Frontier War. You could play out the war yourselves and then roleplay against the back drop. There was no fixed outcome, except what you played in the board game. I'm not sure how many people did this, but I did and it was a great background.

Exalted (from White Wolf) has a very rich background. They published a metaplot supplement - Return of the Scarlet Empress. In that book they detailed how you might end the world, but the narrator had to decide themselves which faction would win, triumph etc. The players would then game against that backdrop and could change the outcome.

I'd like to see this approach taken for Glorantha. The seeds are in the Guide as the Hero War boxes. There are loads of them, and they are in some cases they are huge, but I think players and narrators need to decide the outcomes.

When Ragnarok comes to Glorantha, I want it on my terms, and with the right tools to do it.


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