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Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 11:38:39 -0500

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> A timetree instead of a timeline ;).

Agreed. What I actually wanted to do is create a sort of mind-map relationship between the various HW plots. This would allow me to see where they will run afoul of each other, which is where the sparks really fly. For example, I am willing to bet that the Dwarf chain-fleet, the Troll ice continent-berg and the fire-burgs all meet somewhere around Magasta's Pool with an effect that can be felt around the world.

This is the sort of thing I am looking for, really. I don't see the Hero Wars as being a script to follow so much as really dramatic plot ideas and interesting background for adventures. Being able to say something like "Your elders knew bad things were coming when the sky turned orange last Fire Season, but nobody expected the scorching fog that drove a mass of desperate refugees in from the coast. How will you protect your clan?"

As for the meta-plot issue, I don't see this as any different than setting a game in the 2nd Age, or the re-settlement of Dragon Pass, or Starbrow's Rebellion or whatever. No matter when your game takes place it exists in the middle of an ongoing history that you should feel free to change as needed. Personally, most of the HW related adventures I have run (my game is now in the early 1630s) are more focused on the limited area around the PCs and their immediate situation so it rarely winds up making that much difference either way. Cool background stuff, though.

-Kevin McD

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