Re: Guide to Glorantha & the Hero Wars

From: Glass <glass_at_...>
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 22:06:46 -0000

> I could use such a book as a launching point for my game.
> Take the Hero Wars, wind it up and set it loose!

I hear ya! Now that the "nouns" of the setting are finally all in one place together, adding some "verbs" -- recipes that process and recombine those ingredients into story -- is a logical direction for Moon Design to take us.

More adventures. More menu options. More flavors.

Although with these guys, a lonely PDF may not be ambitious enough. The Great Pendragon Campaign is a binding-splitting beast and it's only what, a century of England? The lozenge is vast and has been working toward the next couple decades since the literal beginning of time.

Maybe a three-book set ramping up in a year or two.

By the way, I like how much room the Guide leaves us for arguing minutia. We can still bicker over who "really" won the Tarsh Civil War behind the scenes, for example, or who exactly those six-toed priestesses were working for. This is the beginning, not the end.            

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