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Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2012 14:39:52 -0000

The Coming Storm details 1618-25 for a Sartarite clan (well really the Cinsina tribe). We do include major NPCs (such as Kallyr and Duke Jomes...) and events relevant to that clan (the Great Winter, the 11 lights heroquest...). It lets you help a clan survive through to the liberation of Sartar. There is a year-by-year account, Pendragon Boy King influenced, of Hero Wars events around the conflict between the Orlanthi and the Lunar Empire.

So whilst I don't think this meets all your goals, in terms of giving folks an adventure that lets them play through the Hero Wars, and an example for those who want to steal bits from it and do their own thing, I hope this will help many people achieve that.

Working on The Coming Storm surfaced a couple of issues with depicting the Hero Wars. Any campaign will only tend to see a slice of what is happening. Some events affect everyone, such as the Great Winter; other events are far off and whilst you may get news from the trader but not much else. What is interesting is usually these events threatening things the PCs care about - their community. To understand ALL of the Hero Wars would need a lot of campaign supplements (let's hope - I have at least another one to pitch to MD) or some kind of overview.

But an overview that is too rigid is constraining to the point that you can't create for you group. The ideal for me is something like King of Sartar, that provides an unreliable narrative, which invites you to discover the truth in your games. So MD is reprinting that volume soon, to help folks navigate at least the conflict between White Bear and Red Moon.

What I would like to see perhaps more than a volume of The Secret Plots of the Hero Wars - is something more akin to King of Sartar for the other major plots of the hero Wars. Something that suggested, informed, but was invited uncovering the truth in game. However, that may be an unrealistic project.            

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