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> Growing a wall out of the earth has been a unique magic of the Pharaoh, at the Building Wall Battle, or (after significant preparation) by Lord Pavis from the remains of Paragua's Wall and the Faceless Statue. Sartar had such a magic performed in creating Boldhome's pockets and main wall. It isn't a way to build a stead.

In both of my campaigns' (Sartar & Prax) players with access to Earth magic always spontaneously used it to create walls or barriers of some kind. These are always small in scale and lead me to believe that this a common practice. The Building wall is 35 miles long, and the others you mention are also large. Large I expect is done by powerful/accomplished magicians.

As for building steads, I imagine magically raised earth is not good for building with unless you want some kind of burial mound. So steads are built with some magical help and by hand, using normal easy to source materials.


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