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Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2012 18:08:31 +0000

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> I recently ran into a situation I've never encountered before. A PC tried to initiate into the cult of Odayla and failed to kill the bear. So I'm trying to figure out what to do. My first thought would be to say it's a sign that he's not meant to worship Odayla, but he's really keen on it (and he has the Bear rune, which isn't very useful without worshipping Odayla). I could just let him repeat the ceremony, but that seems sort of dull story-wise. It seems like he ought to do something else to initiate, perhaps discover some deeper reason for his failure or do a ritual to erase the stain of his failure, or do an alternate initiation, but I'm coming up dry. Anyone have any ideas, and any thoughts about failed initiations in general?

I'd say that it's a sign that he not going to be an Odayla worshipper. There are other simple options:

Create a local hero cult with the bear rune, most likely one of his ancestors or a local bear spirit. It can be a subcult of another cult like Orlanth, or just on its own. Let the player fill out the story as you explore it through the game. Perhaps his ancestor or this hero was a failed Odayla initiate.

IIRC if you fail an initiation, the cult is not for you and you don't get a second chance.


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