Re: Japanese cover of King of Sartar

From: jorganos <joe_at_...>
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2012 10:47:24 -0000

> I just saw a copy of the Japanese edition of King Of Sartar
> <\
> Stafford-1st-HC-Japanese-Edition-/310518628217?pt=Games_US&hash=item484c\
> 5a3f79> on ebay, and wondered who the woman is supposed to be. Kallyr?
> Jar-eel? Whoever she is, she must have a lot of Humakti geases. "Do not
> wear armor of any kind on left arm, right leg, head, chest or abdomen.
> This includes clothing."

I'd rather think Yelmalian... do not wear woman's clothes...            

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