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> 1) What are the distinguishing features of uz settlement ?(material, shape, curves, rooms, texture, etc.)

Depends strongly on what the uz have to build in or with. They prefer dark places, so underground habitats are perfectly fine for them. Surface habitats usually have magical shelter from light (like Shadows Dance or Shadow Plateau) or at least natural shelter (like the jungle canopy for the muri).

IMO they prefer womb-like shapes for their homes - so somewhat organic curves, few sharp protuding points or edges.

> 2)What are the malkioni myths which depicts trolls ?

Apart from the Kachasti, the Malkioni managed to stay far removed from the uz in mythical times. Their first major contact was when Arkat led the Gbaji crusaders east. They called them krjalki (roughly: demonic strangers), lacking better terms.

> 3) What do we know about the uz settlements of the Black Forest and Oral-Ta ?

Hardly anything, to be honest. Here are pointers which probably still cover all knowledge.

> 4) What information do we have about Uzhim ? (cult, culture, biology, etc.)

Scattered through some publications, never getting quite the spotlight.

Followers of Himile, somewhat allied to Valind on whose lands they live. Due to restriction in the available material (ice, snow, beasts of prey, stone below the ice) their material culture is rather limited. Like all trolls, they can take sustenance from about anything, including ice, and like all trolls that fact doesn't satisfy their appetites.

To all appearances, they don't suffer from the Curse of Kin, but we don't know whether they have no trollkin births or only have the custom of devouring malformed births immediately.

Here's a list of sources:

> 5) What do we know about Borklak ?

The ancestor, or the queendom?

In official sources: not too much.

In my Glorantha, the dark trolls of Borklak and the Uzhim of the glacier are allies. The dark trolls of the north inhabit the rocky underside of the northwest, where mountains almost pierce the thick sheet of ice. They shun the surface, but get out into glacier crevasses to hunt and harvest in the melting zone and the debris below the ice. The Uzhim hunt the top of the ice, but do descent to get to rocks or ground soil for side dishes.

In my ideas of the world below the ice, there are also huge crabs (take King Crabs and increase the size to troll insect scale) in the channels below the ice.

If you don't care for ice pressure liquefying the lowest regions, take the presence of liquid water below the ice as a consequence of residual volcanic activity.

A couple of years ago I speculated about a rather lost civilization ekeing out a survival in icy caverns around a few not quite dead volcanoes which quickly became a nice thread: When I sat down to write about these a bit more (I hope the info survived subsequent harddisk crashes) I added an ice patrol that kept of the uz and their magics as the heroband.

For all troll-related questions, there is usually more info in the publications "Uz - the Trolls of Glorantha" and "Book of Drastic Resolution: Darkness". UtToG is basically canonical, Drastic only somewhat in drawing out ideas from unpublished sources.            

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