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Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2012 10:24:14 +0100 (CET)

Neat ideas, thank you. So the Red Giant would be a bomonoi, with fire magics... that could do.

As for the Conspirator, you might be on to something. Since the PCs hate Falutha, whose clutches they barely escaped, and are absolutely fed up with jungles, battling the Tree star, or Errinoru's vanished star, in some way, might be interesting...

Do feel free to add more fuel to this fire !



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> - could somebody give me, or point me to, a list of ARTMALI names ? Nameless PCs are useless, and I couldn't find artmalin monickers anywhere.


> - what is the Red Giant alluded to in this scenario ? Sez it comes from TG6, but I don't have this book.
The Red Giants of Garanzarn. They came from the Volcano which destroyed the Infinite Fleet.
Perhaps the Bomonoi, the beings of flame.

> - last but not least: the PCs are going up on Annilla's journey skyward, then fall back down in the heart of Kothar (in the middle of the war between the arbennan and the kresh). Beyond the usual stealth contests vs. the usual certami (solar guardians), how can I spice up the trip to Heavens ? I'd like them to meet a few named stars. Any ideas ?

Sneak contests? There is a War in Heaven.

Your Heroes are seeking an easy way to the Sky Dome. They are travelling across the Celestial Desert and chance encounters direct them to the Conspirator, a wicked star, with a grudge match against other stars.

The Conspirator is only too happy to sell your heroes the secret road in return for some typically expensive pledges. Unfortunately the Conspirator betrays your heroes by sending them into the arms of a Celestial Pressgang. The Heroes are impressed into service to fight against some dire foe (Jugger, Sky Terror, Herespur) from reaching Cronisper's campfire. Their sterling service (or base treachery) leads them to a climate battle near their goal. They are either giving the passage as a reward or unceremoniously kicked out of heaven and dropped from a great height...

--Peter Metcalfe            

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