Re: Historical population of Genertela

From: illuminate33 <inarsus-ferilt_at_...>
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 21:53:31 -0000

Hello, Joerg:

Thank you for your answer.

I remember MRQ Glorantha the Second Age described such development, but IIRC, it hadn't regional population tables similar to Genertela:Crucible of Hero Wars or Guide to Glorantha draft....and it might be unofficial as other settings of Mongoose.

And many died in the Gbaji Wars and Dragonkill, Luathan Quake.

I should have asked historical population tables in the stretch goal requests in the Kickstarter....but now is too late....:-)


> The EWF had special draconic husbandry and grain that apparently enabled rapid population growth in Dragon Pass, but depended on the dragons' dreams to continue. Even in areas where the dragons had been evicted by the Pelorians, I suppose the effects of the population growth, even taking into account war losses, may have lasted.
> In God Learner influenced territory, a similar effect was reported using additional grain goddess magics - except where these failed (spectacularly).
> The Pelorian backwaters like Carmania are somewhat less influenced by either of these massive magical boosts.

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