Re: Historical population of Genertela

From: illuminate33 <inarsus-ferilt_at_...>
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 23:29:57 -0000

Hello, John:

> Some of the decisive battles of the American Revolution were fought
> by armies numbering 2000 or less on a side.

I don't have enough knowledge about the war, it might be one of the sources for Greg. I will read about it, thanks.

> In a non-warrior society, it's hard to field more than 1% of the
> population as troops.

> That being said, population was TINY at the start of the First Age and
> so by the time of the Gbaji Wars, it had grown a lot but it grew from
> a tiny base. Medieval England grew by a factor of 6 in about 225
> years before the troubles of the 14th century began killing everyone.
> So if your base is tiny, the end result won't be so big.

I agree with you. Your opinion sounds reasonable and right.

If you let me comment on your reasonable opinion... I am not sure about the definition of "warrior society". Orlanthi fyrd might be in the definition of such. In the description of Battle of Night and Day, all remaining Orlanthi clans sent all warriors to the battle. If 1percent of the total is right, whole of the southern Heortlingland contained around 400,000.


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