Re: what is animism?

From: Glass <glass_at_...>
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2012 03:23:13 -0000

Hi there --

RuneQuest is probably a more natural port to GURPS, so let's go back to that system to see what shamans could do. I'm using quick-and-dirty GURPS conversions here but true experts can and will correct me.

POSSESSION OF A FETCH. Every fully trained shaman has a special allied spirit that lets him or her operate in the spirit world and the material plane simultaneously. Depending on the flavor you like, you can either handle this as a high-point incorporeal Ally (give it lots of spells and appropriate area knowledge), or else give the shaman the ability to perform one material action and one spiritual action (spell or spirit combat) OR cast two spells in the same round (!). In the former scenario, the "holy guardian angel" is a separate entity. In the latter, it's "your higher self." Either is fun.

STORING POWER. The shaman can invest mana / magic points in the spirit plane for later use. In theory an infinite magic point reservoir can be created in this way.

POWER INCREASE. Experience bonus toward buying Willpower and possibly other characteristics that drive magic. Not IQ though or HT though.

CURING DISEASE. Often forgotten! I'd just treat this as free use of the spell.

RETURN FROM DEAD. You can use whatever healing spells you have available to bring yourself back from negative HT.

CONTROLLED SPIRITS. This is the heart of the shamanic game and other people have mentioned it. Give experienced shamans some incorporeal Allies that know various spells and can share mana. You can only have as many allied spirits as you have mana stored on the spirit plane! (The fetch doesn't count.)            

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