Re: what is animism?

From: L C <lightcastle_at_...>
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2012 15:50:13 -0500

>David Dunham

>Probably depends on the culture/tradition. I suspect those in parts of
Fonrit seek to enslave their spirits. Others might “eat them” (to
>integrate their abilities).

Oh absolutely. I think the exact terms are tradition (or even religion as a whole) based. I do think the basic practitioner/shaman split is along the lines of "Can follow the rules"/"Can break some of the rules or make new ones". (Plus the bits about having a fetch or coming back from the dead, but even that I would make tradition specific.

>Some may even give gifts — which starts to resemble divine magic.
“Misapplied worship” does work, as well (even if less “efficient”).

I don't use misapplied worship, since it never made any sense to me.

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