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Trollkin & the Nature of Troll Hunger?    

Just been watching the Grimm TV Series and (showing may age) I'm finding it pretty gruesome with various baddies, 4 episodes in 5, seeming to rip throats or bodies apart. Anyways, this got me wondering about the nature of Gloranthan troll hunger.  

Setting : During the final push by Lunar Regiments into Sartar. At dusk after a particular brutal battle near the troll woods or a known troll area , with bodies littering the fields - Adagio for Strings playing in the background.  

Would it be standard military procedure to protect the dead? Do trollkin sneak in at night and take away or nibble on the battle fallen - Do Gloranthans like this or live with it? Is there always a quick burst of activity to burn (not bury for obvious reasons) the bodies - similar to the Islamic (arid) tradition to bury bodies within 24 hrs. I understand after Cannae Hannibal was left with 50,000+ dead. Evidently ancient mud brick furnaces were found to presumably get rid of the huge amounts of rotting organic material. Any idea what happened in WWI with this issue?  

Do the Trolls think it 'impolite' to do this sort of thing (Barbarian culture that they are) as this sort of eating of other sapient beings requires a certain level of ritual rather than just "availability".  

Is it as I fear, that do trolls consume as they go.  

Setting: The fall of Pavis by Gerak Kag.  

Situation: After clearing the great walls his warband shatters one of the great gates and a 'carpet' (cf Creeping Doom) of trollkin and darkness shades enter consuming everything that crosses its path. Dogs, cats, rats, bodies. (do troll areas have significantly less rodents than other areas - probably balances out with insects).  


I get it!  

Moondesign/Resources/Elder Races/Aldryami Art Direction/

http://io9.com/5948244/this-short-film-is-the-next-best-thing-to-a-new-swamp -thing-movie  

Brown Elf > Deciduous > Sleeps in Winter guarded by my Green Elves - All wood and bark

Green Elf > Most Hominid-like with body hair exchanged with leaves/moss  

Situation: At dawn a completely exhausted Argan Argar Dark Troll bursts in on a Party Camping, behind him come a group of pitchfork wielding angry Brown Elves. Did this trolls stomach get the better of him??  


Never been super keen on the way Dwarves are portrayed. I currently lean towards industrial age 18/19th century colonial types. Steampunk level of technology - a 1,000 years ahead of the rest of Glorantha in technology (but Magic shortens this). I get the impression that Dwarves are not as populous as the rest of elder races.  

In the case you have never seen it, below could be interpreted as two dwarf aristocrats 'trying' to court


You could only imagine what a Orlanthi Yinkin hunter would think of this while viewing from the forest. I spose it could also be some 2nd Age Clanking City God Learners .    

Happy New Year

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