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Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2014 00:39:28 +0200 roadsgoeveron:

> The Blue Moon controls the tides of Glorantha. But, as far as I can
> remember, none of her worshipers are sailors (Veldang - definitely
> not; Fonrit - not except as galley slaves; Blue Moon Plateau -
> presumably not (although I suppose that they could have ships on the
> White Sea); Bat People (according to the Guide) - don't sound like
> sailors to me). Am I missing a group of sailors who worship the Blue
> Moon?

The Veldang were an ocean-going people when they debarked from the Blue Moon in the early Storm Age (or whatever the period was called in Pamaltela at that time). The Kareeshtu Warsail is based on an Artmali design, but probably with some allowance for less magic within Time.

Tides in Glorantha are useful for leaving a port - racing out of the Mirrorsea Bay when the Blue Moon plummets might save half a day from Karse or Nochet past the Troll Strait. Entering ports won't get much help, as the water rise is too slow. Those with access to Waertagi magic might use a (somewhat misnamed) tidal wave invading a bay or harbor basin.

The Masloi have a high priest called Master of the Tides (or so), presumably in contact with the activities of the Blue Moon.

Malkioni sailors will know rites or have sorverers cast spells to deal with tides.

Rightarm Islanders will add the Blue Moon as a tradition or cult in their mixture of useful otherworld entities where needed.

The Kralori have the Blue Dragon of the Deep, an entity that probably has a hostile relationship to the Blue Moon if the Troll Gods write-up of the war between giants (Annilla's group) and dragons is to be trusted. In a less draconic aspect, the East Islanders worship her, too.

Troll sailors mostly worship their boat gods, but are well suited to add the Blue Moon.

Merfolk foraging in tidal flats will have spotters for the tides, too, to avoid being beached for a few days at worst.

In all of these cases, the benefits of a specialist for the tides won't be useful for mainstream worshippers, so that sailor initiates of the Blue Moon will be a small minority.

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