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 My group rescued a DN

tailed priest from a sabotaged spell, when they released them he didn't say anything just turned round and left.  They were most put out that he didn't thank them. 
The next time they
saw him was after escaping Duck Tower (an old RQ scenario), the hires a wyvern to fly them out and he was told by the DN to bring them to Dragons Eye. Which I described as like being inside an Escher picture with geography not making sense (up leading down, inside walls morphing to outside walls etc).  The DN had decided to repay their "helping" him he feasted them on fine human delicacies and while they slept he operated on them giving them a connection to the dragon rune and the ability to speak Old Wyrmish which at least allowed them to understand the architecture in Dragons Eye. The last time they
met him he was sheep raiding and looking into the eyes of every sheep selecting only 10% of them.  He refused to acknowledge the players at all even when they attacked his Beaked DN warriors who were hunting the sheep. A week later the DN came to the clan and offered the chief an artifact of unknown function.
They were also sucked
into a DN road, because they happened to be reading the plinth when some DNs passed overhead.  I described it as being in a iridescent tunnel, slightly transparent so they got the impression of moving very fast but without proper references to where they were.  Bright colours swirling about them, almost forming something they could understand but not quite. To me the important
thing is to make every encounter, and they only encounter the same DN, very different in feel.  I also use DN to mess with time send them out for a weeks patrol and after meeting a DN they come back only an hour later or perhaps 2 weeks later. Gavain


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Hi folks,

How much did you ever have to deal with dragonewts? As a player or GM. Did you ever visit Dragon's Eye? What is it like? Did you ever travel a DN road? What is it like? Who did teach you how to use it?
Did you have them as enemies or "friends" (as much as you can name it such)? Even in your war band? As a PC?

Any ideas to bring my players closer appreciated. Though I want to keep up the inscrutableness of DNs, the mystery and awe my players still feel.


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