Re: Re: Morokanths

From: Scott Rogers <amaretto_sirloin_at_...>
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 05:07:23 -0700 (PDT)

Hey! That War Slug has given me a great idea!!!! What about trained ,armoured Dragonsnails as seige troops?? Perfect! Thanks man!(Hurriedly rushes off to grab pen and paper....)

Simon Phipp <soltakss_at_...> wrote:
Scott Rogers:
> You know, now that i think of it, I don't think we EVER had a
> Morokanth in any single game we've played. Better rectify that,then!

We had Rilldick, known mainly as a Pin Cushion for his uncanny ability to attract impaling arrows. He also had a War Slug, not so great at charges but wonderful for climbing walls, and two thumbs that he used to twiddle. One of the few Storm Bull/Lhankor Mhy combos that actually worked (don't ask).

See Ya


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