Telmori- Cursed/Blessed?

From: Scott Rogers <amaretto_sirloin_at_...>
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 09:42:58 -0000

I have just begun (2 sessions) playing a Telmori scout. He is great at stealth-based missions and activities, and a nimble fighter and hunter.
However, my GM is a bit of a cruel bastard (over 300 PC deaths in 2 years!) and kinda made up his changing abilities. The way he plays it, his change works like the Incredible Hulk! If I am in a stressful situation (ie: combat), I have to roll under my con +pow in order to resist. If I fail the first, I go into a spasm , then if I make the second, I come back to normal (but miss a round), if I fail the second, I go into the change!(again, missing a round), if I fail the 3rd, I am a huge wolf (great, I thought...though you can in theory spend an entire combat simply writhing around on the ground) with all the stats for a fully mature wolf brother. But here's the rub, I am just as likely to attack and kill friendly characters as the people we are fighting! (more likely as they are usually nearest!).
This PC is therefore not just useless in combat (out for 3 rounds to change!), but upon changing is a dangerous liability. Surely this defeats the object of playing a Telmori character? Anyway, just wanted to gripe.....

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