Re: Re: PC-killer; Telmori - Cursed/Blessed?

From: Goihl & Fahey <goihlk_at_...>
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 12:29:01 +0200

>Berserk Uroxi are bad enough, but that's a rarely
>invoked Rune spell (thinking RQ here, as usual),
>so not that common except when it's really needed.

Our Storm Bullies didn't get us into danger by going berserk, but by randomly attacking people we had to deal with, whether they were potential allies or huge trolls which outnumbered us. One caused a bit of trouble by murdering a neighbors' son, for no reason of course. They are a greater danger in that they cause your social ostracism than by attacking you. They often defeat any chance you have of cooperating with people you need to to accomplish your goals.


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